Guacamole – Family favourite recipe

We love guacamole.  Weather it is as a dip, a spread or a condiment.  We just love it. I went around and asked a lot of my friends that make their homemade guacamole to see what they put into it.  All of them added something different so I played around with different ingredients until I came up with the one that we liked the best.  This is guacamole that gets asked to be brought to all friends and family gatherings.  So I decided to share my recipe with everyone so you all can enjoy it.img_1345With just a few ingredients you can make this delicious guac.  You will need around four avocados, half a large or one small tomato, half a red onion, lime and a handful of cilantro.  Also you will need a bit of salt.  I also like to add a whole jalapeño pepper.  This gives a guac a bit of a kick.  I always clean out the seeds before I put the jalapeño in.  If you don’t like spice you don’t have to put the pepper in or just add half or quarter of it.

Once you gather all your ingredients move on to a first step and that is to clean out your avocados.  I use a handy tool for this and you can find one similar here.  The one I use I can’t find on line anymore. img_1347

Next I cut up the tomato, onion and pepper before I put them in the food processor. You don’t have to do this, I do it because it speeds up the process.  I than process the three ingredients and cilantro in the food processor until they are well chopped.


I than quarter my avocados before I place them in the food processor with the other ingredients.


I process it until it has a chunky consistency.


Now I add the rest of my  ingredients which is lime and salt.

I use citrus press like this one for the lime and sea salt from Costco.  At this point it really depends how chunky you want your guac to be.  We like ours smooth so I process it a bit more.  If you like your chunky just pulse it twice so your lime and salt mix in.  And viola it’s done.  Super easy and super delicious.


  • 4 semi soft avocados
  • 1 small tomato
  • half red onion
  • handful of cilantro
  • 1 jalapeño (optional) remove the seeds
  • salt
  • lime


Quarter the tomato, jalapeño, onion and throw them into a food processor with the cilantro.  Process it until its well chopped.  Quarter the avocados and add them to the food processor add lime juice from the whole lime, and salt.  Process until desired consistency.  We like our smooth.




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