DIY Jack Skellington Sandy Claws Christmas Wreath


Here I come with another Pinterest inspired Wreath.  This one is a Christmas Wreath with Jack Skellington.  This was so much fun to make and it came out to about $30.00.

Materials Needed:


  • Merry Christmas sign – dollar store $1.25
  • Metal wreath – $7.00 at Michaels but I used 50% coupon so it was $3.50
  • Red and white pipe cleaners x3 pkg – dollar store $1.25 each
  • Red, white and black Christmas ball – I had them left over from other project
  • Various ribbon – from Michaels and dollar store – $1.25 – $4.00
  • Styrofoam Ball large – dollar store $2.00
  • Santa hat – dollar store $1.25
  • Red and black felt – dollar store – package with four different colours $1.25
  • White craft foam – from other project
  • cardboard tube – left over from gift wrap
  • Red glittery branch – dollar store $1.25 didn’t end up using
  • Glitter – dollar store $2.00 for whole pack I only used black
  • Black acrylic paint – dollar store $1.25
  • hot glue
  • paint brush
  • florist wire – dollar store $1.25

How I made it:

  1. I attached the sign to the wreath with pipe cleaners.

2.  I than painted the face on to the styrofoam ball and let it dry

3.  I made the legs by cutting the tube in half.  Folding bottom 2 inches so it looks like a foot and hut gluing the felt and foam to it.

4.  I attached the balls to the wreath with pipe cleaners

5.  Than I attached the legs to the wreath with pipe cleaner


6.  I hot glued the hat to the styrofoam ball and put glitter glue over the eyes.  Make sure the paint is dry before doing this step

7.  Now I took all my ribbon and cut it into strips

8.  I put five ribbon strips in no particular order together and twisted pipe cleaners around them


9.  I attached these by twisting them on to the wreath until it was full


10.  The last step that I did was hot gluing the florist wire to the back of the hat by leaving about 4inch loop at the top and tying the bottom to the wreaths top.  This is so you can hang the wreath without the had flopping down.

It was very easy to make but it did take a bit of time since you have to wait for paint and glue to dry.

I also followed the same step for the head in making a tree topper.


Happy Crafting


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