Create 365 Planner Storage Bag

So I have been traveling for my children’s sports very often this year.  I like to take my planners with me so I can plan during down times.  I have been packing them in different bags and totes trying to figure out what is the best way to do this.  Than I came across the Create 365 bag and I have to say my problems ended.  I can’t say enough about this bag  it just works.

I have three planners that I use on daily basis.  One is personal, one for fitness and meal journaling and one for work.  They all fit in this bag.

The Create 365 Storage Case is available at craft stores that sell The Happy Planner products.  I got mine at Michaels for $49.99cnd but I was able to save 55% off using a coupon.  The case is  well made with great smooth zippers, mint piping and reinforced handles.  It measures 12” wide x 10.5” high x 4″ deep and is made of nylon material which makes it very light weight.  The case lays completely flat it has two main compartments, each accessible by a double zipper.


I packed my personal planner in one compartment along with my fine tip markers and other supplies such as scissors, glue, paper clips etc. inside the two zip top style vinyl pouches that velcro into the case to keep them in place.

In the second compartment I packed my other two planners, my planner stickers and my washi tape.


This bag worked perfectly for me as I was able to keep all of my supplies in one place.  I liked how organized I was and when I wanted to plan during my weekend away all I had to do is take my bag with me where ever I was planning.  I even took it to the pool and did some planning between the games.

If you would like to check out a video on how I packed my bag you can do so here

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