Home Binder Set Up

For some time now I have been toying with the idea of setting up my Home Binder.  I read a few blogs on it from different bloggers and watched few videos on it as well.  I just needed time and ideas to make my own.  So I finally got around to doing it this week.  I posted a video on it as well and you can find it on my channel or clicking here Home Binder Set up and Flip Through.


Here is how I did it:

Supplies needed:

  • Binder ( I got mine at the dollar store) you want one that has a clear pocket on the front of it
  • glue
  • scissors
  • sharpies
  • page dividers
  • three whole punch
  • page protectors
  • lined paper
  • shelf liner
  • printing paper

I spruce up my binder with cutting out the shelf liner so it fits in the front pocket of the binder.  I cut out the printing paper and wrote a title on it and glued that to the front of the shelf liner.  Than I slid that in the front pocket of the binder.


I have following Sections in the binder – these are ones I wanted to have in my Binder you can put what ever works for you:

  • Calendar
  • Carpooling Schedule
  • Phone Numbers
  • Freezer Meals
  • Home Projects
  • Home Maintenance
  • Gift Ideas
  • Travel Lists
  • Shopping List for the Home
  • Birthdays List
  • Monthly Meal Plan
  • Coupons
  • Cleaning Schedule

Breakdown of Sections:

Calendar – I keep monthly calendars where I will write down for example when I need to change furnace filter, our vacations, tournaments and weekend aways, Birthdays etc.


Carpooling Schedule – this is for my children’s sports and activities.  We have three families that participate and we design a schedule that works for all of us at the beginning of the season.  I write it down in the weekly schedule along with all other weekly happening that happen every week at the same time.


Phone Numbers – I also keep all of these numbers in my phone but I like to keep a master list for everyone’s reference and in case something happens to my phone.  Numbers that are included in here are doctors, dentists, specialists, schools, couches, etc.


Freezer Meals – I make freezer meals every three moths.  I usually have a standard plan for colder moths and different one for warmer months.  I will keep track of supplies that I need for freezer meal prep here.  As well as I attached a clear page protector that I can slide any new recipes that I might come across.  I will also write out my plan for freezer meal prep here as well.

Home projects – this is a section for things I want to get done.  I will put pictures, ideas, swatches as well as plans on how to accomplish these projects.  I will also write down a shopping list for these projects here.

Home Maintenance – this section is for things that have to get done.  I will write the same stuff down as home projects here.

Gift Ideas – This section is mostly for me to write down ideas for b-days, Christmas etc.  Sometimes family members mention things that they would like or things they want and I usually forget about them so this is a good way for me to write them down and keep them in one place for reference.

Travel Lists – I keep my master packing lists here for Camping,  Down South and Disney (this is my Master Disney Packing list that I use THE ULTIMATE DISNEY WORLD PACKING LIST.  I will also write down things I need to buy for our travel.


Shopping lists – I will write anything that I need to buy for the house for example more filters, lightbulbs, room deodorizers, potting soil etc.

Birthday Lists – this will keep my master birthday list for all the family members

Monthly Meal Plan – I plan out my dinners for the whole month almost every moth so I will keep this here.  If you would like to see how I meal plan you can read my blog Meal Planning 101 or watch a video How I Meal Plan – Meal Planning 101.


Coupons – I inserted a page protector in this section so I can put any coupon that I come across and might use in here.

Cleaning Schedule – I will put my weekly plan here as well my zone cleaning list.  If you wold like to see my Zone cleaning list you can read it here How I Sep Up My Zone Cleaning


I hope this Binder works for me to keep things organized and I am looking forward to using it.

Do you have a home binder?  Do you Like it?

Thanks for Reading


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