Planner Obsession

I though that I should write my very first blog post about my planner and planner things obsession.  It is my obsession with planners and other things that got me into starting up my blog.  Not only did I come a cross so many wonderful bloggers and vloggers that inspired me to start sharing what I am passionate about.  Thanks for inspiration guys.

So to get back on to planners.  I have always been a planner.  In high school I religiously used my school provided planner.  Once I went to collage I purchased a more sophisticated planner that also served me as my wallet and my purse.  Not sure what the brand name was.  I also had a wedding planner although it was not nearly as awesome as the ones that are out there now.  I pretty much just picked up a planner from Staples and called it my wedding planner.  Last year I tried going the electronic route since I always have my phone with me and decided to give it a try.  Well let me tell you it did not work.  I absolutely hated putting stuff into my phone.  I am a very visual person and I like pretty layout and you just can not make your phone planner look pretty.  For year 2017 I have decided to give several different planners a try.  I purchased my main one from Chapters and it is a Ban.Do 17 month agenda that came with some stickers .  I am using this one for my every day life.

My next one is from Recollections from Micheals.  It is a Creative Year 6 ring planner.  I will be using this one for my business. I am a childcare provider and plan on using it for my attendance, menue planning, monthly happening etc.

I was going to stop here and just have the two planners when I came upon the Recollections Recipe and Menue planner and decided that this is something I cannot possible live without.  I not only plan my childcare meals but also My Families meals down to afternoon snacks and school snacks. So as you can see I would definitely benefit from this type of a planner.  I have to say when I came home and looked at it I was super excited but than realized that it does not contain enough weeks in the menue planning section.  I will let you know how I will solve this problem once I reach the end of the ones that are there.

While I was shopping and looking at the Menue Planner I also noticed a Fitness Planner.  I am always looking to lose some weight and add more exercise so as you can see I definitely need this one as well.

Do you think I am obsessed?

Not if I put them to a good use.

While I discovered all these different planners the planner supplies are endless.  I have bought a few and had to stop before I spend all my money on Planning for next year.  If I continue on this path I might have nothing to plan for next year.


I am excited to see how things go and which planner I will use the most and will definitely keep you posted.

Happy Planning

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